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ZMG7032 Head of States Board Game Z-Man Games

ZMG7032 Head of States Board Game Z-Man Games

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ZMG7032 Head of States Board Game Z-Man Games

Journey back to the 16th to 18th centuries when nobles and royal families struggled to gain power, influence and prestige throughout the provinces and the royal courts of Europe.

Players take on the roles of influential families and royal dynasties seeking power in Britain, France, Spain and the German States. Barons, Counts, Earls, Marquis, Dukes and Princes attempt to amass gold, troops, castles, titles, and skills in their quest to increase their prestige and perhaps to rise to the most powerful position of King. Help from the Church and from troops will be essential in such a machiavellian world, where treachery abounds, as players nobles must run the gauntlet of assassination attempts, the gallows, and the axeman. Not even the King is safe from the guillotine and the Spanish Inquisition. The player who controls the most nobles, and best dominates the provinces and courts of Europe at the end of three centuries, will win the race for the most Heads of State and be crowned victor.

Players: 2 - 5
Playing Time: 90-120 minutes
Ages: 12 and Up