Shipping Wait and Cancelations

Shipping Wait and Cancelations Before Shipping

We have over 10 thousand products available for sale, but we can only keep the rapid moving items on-hand in our warehouse which is still thousands of items. In addition, stock levels fluctuate throughout the day. When you place an order for a product that is not in our local inventory at the time, we have to order that item from one of our numerous distributors, and it takes a few days to arrive from one of their warehouses across the country. The range of dates we provide factors in the shipping time from our distributor in addition to the time it takes us to process the order. We are open and up front with our policies and make known of our intentions on all orders we receive. Thus so, should you back out of an order within the ten days we allow ourselves to construct your order, you will be charged a restock fee of 10 percent of the items you choose to cancel. We charge this fee because it offsets the price of credit card fees that we must pay regardless of the order status and shipping costs.

When you order express shipping, it does not mean it will leave our warehouse any quicker, it just means when it does ship it, it will go express.