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WYR6015 Twisting Fates Malifaux Expansion Rulebooks by Wyrd

WYR6015 Twisting Fates Malifaux Expansion Rulebooks by Wyrd

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WYR6015 Twisting Fates Malifaux Expansion Rulebooks by Wyrd Miniature

The Red Cage fell, shearing the land and tearing a great rift through the aether. The influx of magical energy that poured through the puncture washed over the inhabitants of Malifaux in a violent wave. For those in tune with the power of soulstones, the Event has changed them forever. As these Masters were gripped by the Events overwhelming power, they became entranced and spontaneously manifested their inner Avatars. Some experienced a honing of skills and abilities to super-human levels as their minds and bodies adapted the energy of the Even to their needs. Others transformed bodily, changing into epical heroes - monsters.

Now, as the Events effects subside, you control these masters as they struggle to gather and harness that power once again. In the heat of battle, you direct your Crews Fate as your Master struggles not only to take control of the field, but to manifest into an Avatar - a personification of their innermost thoughts and desires. For some, what dwells in their hearts is a revelation - even to them.

The Avatars just might be the last best hope for the residents of Malifaux in their fight for survival against the awakening Tyrants. Who will ultimately prevail in the ongoing struggle between the Tyrants and the intrepid pioneers in the threatening world of Malifaux?

Only Fate will decide.