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WDF11110 Willy Maykit Humor Card Game Wildfire

WDF11110 Willy Maykit Humor Card Game Wildfire

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WDF11110 Willy Maykit Humor Card Game Wildfire

Willy Maykit is just an average guy. You would probably like him. But Willy has a problem. He let his friend, Betty Woent, drag him to the shopping mall on Black Friday, and that giant coffee-like drink has run right through him. If he does not find a restroom pronto, he may have a rather uncomfortable accident.

In this game, you all play a different version of Will in alternate worlds, who are all suffering from the same dilemma at the same time the desperate need to pee while stuck in a busy shopping mall.
You are okay with karmically throwing another you under the bus if it is going to get you to the restroom sooner. It is all very existential.
Will Maykit is a casual take that card game, where you will be managing your (Bladder) Control.
You do not want to run out of Control.
That is when you have an Accident. In a public place. Embarrassing.

Players: 2 to 6
Ages: 10 and up