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VEN-15013 30C 4S 3200Mah 14.8V Lipo

VEN-15013 30C 4S 3200Mah 14.8V Lipo

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VEN-15013 30C 4S 3200Mah 14.8V Lipo

Venoms high power Li-Power Series Lithium Polymer batteries. Feed your power hungry computerized radio a new potent diet of Li-Power! In addition to more power and longer life your radio will instantly shed weight which means more driver comfort!

If you are using high power servos in your vehicle, then extend you’re runtime with our new 7.4V 2400mah flat pack and 7.4V 2100mah hump pack. Not only will you have more reliable run time, but the added voltage of LiPO power will give you the fastest response possible from your servos to keep you in control!

Length: 5.24in (133mm)
Width: 1.65in (42mm)
Height: 1.18in (30mm)
Charge Rate: 3.2A (1C)
Max Burst Rate: 50C (160A)