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TUIND10 Titananos Pewter Dragon Myth and Magic Collectible Figurine

TUIND10 Titananos Pewter Dragon Myth and Magic Collectible Figurine

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Tudor Mint Collectibles
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TUIND10 Titananos Pewter Dragon Myth and Magic Collectible Figurine Tudor Mint

With crystals embedded wings outstreched, the guardian master protects his Keep from the evils that peril the land of Methtintdour.

Spectacular, exquisite, magnificent and extremely rare make the details of this wonderful piece of art. Sculpted from pewter and adorned with a large 1.75 inch octagon Austrian crystal marking his den, this dragon is a sure fire collectors delight. Our friend weighs in a little less than 12 pounds with his wooden base and stands approximately 11.5 inches tall (without wooden base), 12.5 inches tall with his base. Every Tudor Mint Independent piece is a numbered item, and only 1250 pieces of the Ind 10 were ever produced. Now is your time to take advantage of a one of a kind item that is brand new, in its original box with certificate. The last production of this item was well over a decade ago and is already an art piece to seriously consider adding to your collection.

Wondertrail made a special purchase of all remaining Tudor Mint dragons and figurines which are all well over ten years old at the time of this writing in 2018. Tudor Mint is a time honored British company that decided to close its doors after over 100 years in business back in 2008. All their known remaining works of art are now in the United States and in our possession and offered to you. All pieces listed for sale are brand new and already a collectors item as soon as you receive it due to the short supply, the age, the quality and the disintigration of the manufacturer.

For ages 14 years and older