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SPGDWBS28 Bansan Class Small Robot (6) Miniature

SPGDWBS28 Bansan Class Small Robot (6) Miniature

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Spartan Games
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SPGDWBS28 Bansan Class Small Robot (6) Miniature

By Spartan Games

Dystopian Wars - Empire of The Blazing Sun

Large Squadrons of Bansan Class Small Robots are frightening opponents, both at close quarters and long range. The rotary rocket launcher operates like a huge Catherine wheel, with the blast of each rocket pushing the next tube into its firing position. It fires very rapidly, providing agile and powerful fire support for other units on the attack. It also functions as a highly effective mobile emplacement when a force using the robots is on the defensive.

6 models per />
Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.