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SPGDLPE14 Prussian Professor Gustardt (2) Miniature

SPGDLPE14 Prussian Professor Gustardt (2) Miniature

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Spartan Games
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SPGDLPE14 Prussian Professor Gustardt (2) Miniature

By Spartan Games

Dystopian Legions 32mm Miniature Game - Prussian Empire

Obsessed with the power of electricity, Gustardt dream was to create a machine that could harness the power of lightning, Now, after many years of development, he has perfected such a device - the amazing Tesla Gauntlets. On the battlefield, the Professor is always accompanied by his faithful, and often slightly scorched, assistant Siegfried. He carries the bulky batterypacks, and alters the power settings according to Gustardt commands - an important job, given the eccentric Professor taste for pushing his invention to its limits!

2 models per box.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.