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RPR72333 Akula Miniature N-Scale CAV Strike Operations

RPR72333 Akula Miniature N-Scale CAV Strike Operations

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Reaper Miniatures
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RPR72333 Akula Miniature N-Scale CAV Strike Operations Reaper Miniatures

CAV Strike Operation games will feature various colorful factions that you can choose from to build your army. Each faction has special additional rules, called doctrines, that are only available to that faction. This gives each faction a distinct feel, and makes each battle very different depending upon who is fighting.

Whether you are a Game Master who needs more enemies to stock your battlefield, a player who is looking for just the right miniatures to represent your faction, a wargamer looking to beef up your army, or a hobbyist who is looking for the best in creative and detailed miniatures, CAV Strike Operations is for you!

- Other miniatures and rule books will be needed to play CAV Strike Operations.
- N-Scale Mecha Combat Miniatures also known as 10mm scale.
- Produced in association with Talon Games.

Molded in gray PVC plastic, models are unassembled and may require some assembly.

CAUTION: Not for Children under the age of 14 Years.