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PZOBFPPATHCD013 Edge Anarchy Curse of The Crimson Throne

PZOBFPPATHCD013 Edge Anarchy Curse of The Crimson Throne

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PZOBFPPATHCD013 Edge Anarchy Curse of The Crimson Throne Pathfinder Legends Paizo

In the shadow of the ailing king of the city of Korvosa, a new ruler gathers power, sending shockwaves through a populace already plagued by unrest and pushing the city to the brink of disaster.

In the face of anarchy, Ezren, Valeros, Harsk, and Merisiel are searching for Merisiel's friend, Kyra, but soon find themselves called upon to serve Korvosa. Strange magic and mysterious prophecies set them on the trail of a common foe - a path that draws them into a struggle to save the city from ruin.

Amid the intrigues of kings and generals, heroes and thieves, it is up to the heroes to decide whether the rule of a new monarch will usher in a new age of glory or a reign of chaos.

Pathfinder Legends audio dramas adapt the world and characters of the best-selling Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Each episode runs about 2 hours and features a cast of professional actors, sound effects, and music that immerse you into the dangerous and exciting world of Pathfinder!