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PZO9256 Fey Revisited Supplement

PZO9256 Fey Revisited Supplement

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Paizo Publishing
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PZO9256 Fey Revisited Supplement

By Paizo Publishing

Pathfinder RPG: Pathfinder Campaign Setting Supplement

Unveil the mysteries of primeval legends, encounter ancient creatures from a time before time, and prepare to enter a preternatural world where nothing is permanent and everything is alive with Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Fey Revisited!

Immerse your game in the lore of legendary beings such as vigilant tree-bonded dryads, fanciful goat-legged satyrs, and blindingly beautiful nymphs, or release lurking evils like sadistic redcaps and diverse hordes of maniacal gremlins. Each entry includes how these embodiments of natural might guard or corrupt the world, details on the unique tokens they bestow upon favored mortals, and a ready-to-use threat or ally of each fey race.

Explore a world of magic, mystique, and whimsy with Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Fey Revisited.