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MFG4101 Horus Influence and Power in the Valley of the Kings Game

MFG4101 Horus Influence and Power in the Valley of the Kings Game

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Mayfair Games
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MFG4101 Horus Influence and Power in the Valley of the Kings Board Game by Mayfair Games

Journey to Ancient Egypts sacred Nile valley!

Great kings compete to forge mighty kingdoms in a struggle to control the land of Kemet. Along the banks of the great river they expand their influence and explore new territory. And they hope to earn the favor of the great falconheaded god Horus.

Are you the one to unite the valley into one great kingdom? With clever use of card and tile play, you guide the course of the sacred river, and the lands that surround it! You determine where the desert will give way to the green marshes, red hills, and rich black farmlands of this ancient land. Using your influence, you gain control of valuable regions. You may even build a holy necropolis to thwart the expansion plans of your foes. If true and noble, you might even earn the blessings of the Horus temple!

Horus uses a unique combination of tile and card play to create a delightfully casual yet engaging game with surprising strategic and tactical depth. Beautifully designed tiles feature ancient hieroglyphics, and the playing pieces evoke the deities of this fascinating culture. Horus is easy to learn and play, but is full of intrigue and player interaction. Ever changing, always different, you will find mastery of the Nile delightfully elusive.

Can you seize your destiny and reign supreme over the land of Egypt? Discover your inner Pharaoh with Horus!

Horus contains

- 54 Cards
- 120 Tiles
- 80 Wooden Kingdom Markers
- 1 Tile Bag
- Rules

Players 2-4
Ages 10+
Playing Time 60+ minutes