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MFG3503 Karnickel Mayfair Games

MFG3503 Karnickel Mayfair Games

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Mayfair Games
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MFG3503 Karnickel Mayfair Games

Players: 2 to 4
Playing Time: 15 minutes
Ages: 6 and up

Everybunny knows that rabbits love the countryside - and carrots, of course! The best carrots of all grow between the train tracks, but you have to keep an eye out for trains! Roll the dice and hop your rabbit to the best carrot patch, as long as you do not need to flee out of the path of the train, you can happily nibble away. Chomp, chomp, chomp!

In Karnickel, each player places his rabbit on the circular train track made of eight interchangeable tiles, sets the train engine on its start space, then takes turns rolling the custom dice. After you roll, set any die that shows the train out of play, then count up how many times each of the player colors appears on the remaining dice, you must move one of the rabbits (yours or another players) clockwise around the track the full number of spaces. You then pass the rabbit dice to the next player. Players take turns, each time rolling only the dice passed to them and hopping the rabbits from tile to tile, trying to land on the tiles where they will be able to collect the most carrots.


- 8 railway tiles
- 1 train engine
- 7 dice
- 36 carrots
- 6 rabbits
- 4 coloured discs
- 5 stands in different colours (red, yellow, green, blue and black for the train)
- 1 sticker sheet
- Rules