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MFG3304 La Strada Board Game Mayfair Games

MFG3304 La Strada Board Game Mayfair Games

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Mayfair Games
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MFG3304 La Strada Board Game by Mayfair Games

As the proud owner of a northern Italian trading company, you must dispatch carts and wagons to find new customers for your goods. But times are hard and competition is fierce.

Establish new markets by creating unique routes that bypass your competitors. Naturally, the larger towns are more lucrative, but profits will be greatest where you can keep the market to yourself.

Competition will only hurt sales, so even a small village can be a valuable destination. A monopoly, however modest, is still sweet.

Find the best way to reach your goals and bar your opponents from success by building a trade network across the variable board. Your opponents will quickly claim their routes, so plan your strategy with care! Creating the best network and taking the greatest share of the gold is the road to victory in La Strada!

Product Info
Ages: 10+
Players: 2-4
Playing Time 30-45 minutes