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LCW8015 The Old Garrison Err Loq Building 28mm Scale Miniature Terrain Laser Craft

LCW8015 The Old Garrison Err Loq Building 28mm Scale Miniature Terrain Laser Craft

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LCW8015 The Old Garrison Building 28mm Scale Miniature Terrain Laser Craft

The garrison was built back when Err Loq was a thriving trade hub and sand strider destination. It was made to stand against the local native uprising and make sure whichever republic, empire, principality or crime family laid claim to nearby space got their cut of the action. Today it still stands, strong and unmovable and still extorts all it can from the locals.

The Old Garrison is a sloped wall, barbell-shaped construct occupying roughly 14 x 6 inches and 3 and 3/4 inches tall. A single entry point, 360-degree slitted windows for firing slots and a low reinforced fighting wall on the roof. The roof is removable for full access to the structure. Made of sturdy 3mm MDF board and precision laser cut. Assembly required. Paint not included. For ages 14 years and up.

The smell- Laser Cut MDF smells like burnt wood in its raw form. The laser burns the wood as it cuts. Once assembled and painted the smell almost always goes away (actually locked inside the paint). If you plan to leave your models unpainted, we suggest giving them a clear coat with something like Polycrylic. This will allow you to keep the natural wood look, but should eliminate the smell.