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IEL00048 Loot N Run Party Game IDW Games

IEL00048 Loot N Run Party Game IDW Games

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IEL00048 Loot N Run Party Game IDW Games

Ah, the great pyramids! Full of treasures, just waiting for you! It would be so easy without the other explorers waking up the Mummies, Werewolves, and Franks, and sending them after you. But you are quick and clever, so it should not be a problem, right?

Loot N Run is a subtle bluffing game in which you have to know when to take risks. On your turn, take one of these three actions:

Loot: Draw a card and keep it in front of you.
Run: Score all of your cards. You score 1 point for each treasure on it. Double your score for a type of treasure if it is present on two or more cards.
Awaken the monster guardians: Look at an opponents cards. If you find guardians, that player loses all unscored cards and you get the bonus from the guardians!
The first player to score 35 points wins!

Players: 2 to 6
Playing time: 15 to 30 minutes