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IDW00661 Kill Shakespeare Board Game IDW Publishing

IDW00661 Kill Shakespeare Board Game IDW Publishing

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IDW Publishing
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IDW00661 Kill Shakespeare Board Game IDW Publishing

Illyria is a world of magic and wonder, in which all of Shakespeares characters are locked in eternal battle against each other. As one of the Bards five most famous heroes, you must work together to keep the evil forces of Richard III and Lady Macbeth from killing the mysterious and powerful William Shakespeare and seizing control of the land. But beware false friends, star-crossed characters and shadowy magic in your quest to end your tale on a winning note, not a tragic one.

Kill Shakespeare? Not if we can help it! The launch title from IDW Games puts players in a shared universe populated by characters from William Shakespeares most famous plays. The game allows players to choose their character from the likes of Hamlet, Viola, Falstaff, Othello and Juliet in order to protect the realm from the influence of King Richard III and Lady Macbeth.

Influence is at the heart of Kill Shakespeare. Players will affect the morale and health of territories as they work to liberate them from the Machiavellian influence of the King and his sorceress ally. The heroes will have to work together to battle troops, complete quests, and ward off events that would strengthen King Richard’s hold on the lands.

What makes things more interesting is that Kill Shakespeare is a semi-cooperative experience. Players will need to work together to devote their resources to prevent Lady Macbeth and King Richard from either taking over the land or capturing the elusive bard, William Shakespeare. At the same time, they’ll need to hold back enough of their resource pool in order to complete their own quests so that their banner reigns supreme when the game ends.