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HWGDZC22001 Despoiler Heavy Dropship (1) Scourge Dropzone Commander

HWGDZC22001 Despoiler Heavy Dropship (1) Scourge Dropzone Commander

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Hawk Games
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HWGDZC22001 Despoiler Heavy Dropship (1) Scourge Dropzone Commander

By Hawk Wargames

The Despoiler is the primary mass landing craft of Scourge invasion fleets .It is instantly recognisable due to its unique vertical configuration. It is a towering monstrosity, a dreadful harbinger of doom. The arrival of a fleet of Despoilers is always the precursor to a Scourge ground incursion, and the terrible slaughter that inevitably follows.

It carries up to nine sinister grav tanks, each one able to run rings round human vehicles, reducing them to molten wrecks. The Despoilers charges can detach from the vehicle with lightning speed, dropping to combat altitude in seconds.

The Despoiler is also armed with a twin plasma cannon, making it just as capable as a heavy tank at clearing dropzones of enemy vehicles.

Unlike the dropships of other races, the Despoiler (as well as other Scourge landing craft) is strictly a one-way vehicle. Since the Scourge are utterly dedicated to invasion and usurpation, they have no need of retreat.

One model per blister
10mm Scale

Height: 90mm
Wingspan: 86mm

27 Resin Components
Supplied with 1x 40mm polished clear acrylic flying base
Model supplied unassembled and unpainted