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GRY101406N Wizards Brew Board Game Gryphon Games

GRY101406N Wizards Brew Board Game Gryphon Games

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Gryphon Games
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GRY101406N Wizards Brew Board Game Gryphon Games

Wizards roam the land wielding the four elements in a quest to complete their brew - the elixir of life. Prove that you are the worlds greatest alchemist by using powerful spells to control the elements and be the first to acquire the ingredients needed to complete your wizard's brew.

- A Spell-Casting Ever-Changing card game!
- A Race Game!
- An Auction Game!
- Short Rules -- just 4 pages!
- Sets up differently every game!
- Fast set-up and plays in less than an hour!
- Lots of fun interactivity between players!
- A great design team - Alan R. Moon (Ticket to Ride!) and Aaron Weisblumm (Cloud Nine)

- 1 Game board
- 36 Spell Cards
- 112 Element Cards
- 6 Cauldrons
- 20 Landmark Tokens
- 52 Ingredient Tokens
- 1 Grab Bag
- 60 Energy Cubes
- 1 Special Die
- 1 Wizard Marker
- 1 Horse Marker
- 2 Player Aid Sheets
- Rulebook