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GF9GFG160 Take Action Markers by Gale Force 9

GF9GFG160 Take Action Markers by Gale Force 9

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Gale Force 9
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GF9GFG160 Take Action Markers by Gale Force 9

How often have you ended your turn only to realize that you forgot to activate or use that special unit that could have turned the tide of battle in your favor? Well forget no more! Place a colorful Take Action marker next to all of your critical units and you will be prompted to Take Action! with them before your turn ends. The large colorful exclamation point can be used to remind you to make that leadership role or declare that charge or roll for those reserves.

Take Action! Markers
3 - Red Take Action! markers
3 - Yellow Take Action! markers

Take control of the battlefield with Gale Force Nines Gaming Aids. Our accessories and markers are laser cut from colorful, durable plastic. Each piece is pre-assembled and ready to deploy to the tabletop right out of the package.