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GASFSTIF01 Island Fortress Card Game

GASFSTIF01 Island Fortress Card Game

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GASFSTIF01 Island Fortress Card Game

Ages 13+

2-4 players

90 minute play time

In Island Fortress, you play a master builder chosen by Governor Cortland Hansen to help construct the mighty Fort Aldenford using the penal colony on Alcott Island. Your goal is to become the most distinguished architect with the help of your Taskmaster, Workers, and the Governor himself!

In the game, all players use identical decks of five Role Cards to plot their actions such as purchasing workers, building the wall, collecting money from the treasury, and more. In addition to scoring points for having built the majority of blocks on each row of the fortress wall, players can also gain various bonuses for completing favors for the Governor by building the walls in specific ways, following the Governors preferred patterns.