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GASBIGGP01 Ghost Pirates Card Game

GASBIGGP01 Ghost Pirates Card Game

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GASBIGGP01 Ghost Pirates Card Game

Players: 2
Playing Time: 30 minutes
Ages: 10 and up

Ethereal pirates swarm back and forth over each others ships as the seas toss in the midnight storm. The decks of each vessel shift in and out of reality as the fighting begins. One captain and crew will emerge triumphant, and the loser will be damned to stalk the bowels of Davy Jones locker.

Ghost Pirates is a tactical board game in which two ghost pirate Captains encounter each other on the high seas, based on old rivalries, grudges, or whatever it was that happened on Skull Island, they each turn broadside and lay-to. Each crew, following captains orders, fights, fires cannons, and swarms their enemy's deck, attempting to force the other captain to walk the plank. Each players turn consists of drawing a card, playing one or more cards to strengthen their ship and tactical position, moving your pirate crew, and finally, having them fight the foeman or take advantage and pillage the enemy’s ship. The goal of the game is to force your opponents captain to walk the plank.