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FFGDH03 Purge the Unclean Dark Heresy RPG Warhammer 40K

FFGDH03 Purge the Unclean Dark Heresy RPG Warhammer 40K

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Fantasy Flight Games
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FFGDH03 Warhammer 40K Dark Heresy Purge the Unclean HC Rulebook Role Playing Game (RPG) Fantasy Flight Games

Step straight into the Warhammer 40,000 world of the Imperial Inquisition with this adventure anthology packed with amazing scenarios designed to test fledgling investigators to the limits with all manner of arcane plots and twisted horrors.

This thrilling trilogy of scenarios holds horror, investigation and danger in equal measure.

Shades on Twilight sees the players board a mysterious space hulk in the company of a Deathwatch Space Marine in search of a mysterious artifact

Rejoice for you are true takes the action to glittering noble courts, where intrigue is not the only deadly force at work.

Baron Hopes takes the players deeper into danger as they masquerade as mutants in order to undercover rebellion and heresy in the Gorgonid mines on Seraphus Secundus.

Each adventure forms part of a terrible conspiracy that the players must foil if the Calixis sector is to survive!