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EDN5603 Conspiracies Sourcebook Conspiracy X 2.0 RPG

EDN5603 Conspiracies Sourcebook Conspiracy X 2.0 RPG

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EDN5603 Conspiracies Sourcebook Conspiracy X 2.0 RPG

Trust no one. The very nature of Aegis work means that the organization has to work in secret, away from public scrutiny and hidden from the keen surveillance of their enemies. The National Defense Directorate manipulates and schemes in secret bases around the country, plotting and moving pawns in a deadly chess game of deception. A conspiracy against another conspiracy.

Aegis secret agenda is the core of a conspiracy, but that conspiracy is built upon an altered and secret history - a conspiracy within a conspiracy. Lies within lies. A conspiracy against their own operatives. When faced with many conspirators, who can you trust?

This is the hidden world of Conspiracy X, where Aegis battles the NDD for control and superiority in a fight where both sides think they are doing what is best for humanity. Where cults and secret societies work behind the scenes, infiltrating and being infiltrated in turn. But the truth is farmore shocking than anyone could have foreseen and will rock the agents beliefs to the very core.