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CB76109 Kingdom and Commonwealth 2 RuneQuest II RPG Sourcebook

CB76109 Kingdom and Commonwealth 2 RuneQuest II RPG Sourcebook

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Cubicle Seven Entertainment
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CB76109 Kingdom and Commonwealth 2 RuneQuest II RPG Sourcebook

By Cubicle Seven Entertainment

RuneQuest II RPG 2nd Edition: Kingdom and Commonwealth Omnibus 2

The third and fourth adventures of the epic Kingdom and Commonwealth Campaign, fully revised and updated for the Renaissance rules for Clockwork and Chivalry 2nd Edition. Volume III: No Mans Land In most of England, an uneasy peace holds but in the Debatable Lands on the outskirts of Birmingham, the conflict continues. Cavaliers and Roundheads are bogged down in muddy trenches fighting over every inch of blasted ground. Clockwork death machines grind across the landscape, magically created disease miasmas drift on the breeze and settle in the craters left by the incessant cannon barrages. And in the despoiled wastelands round about, rival gangs on iron horses fight over scarce resources, obscure points of theology and access to the winding stations that they need to keep their vehicles running. Somewhere in this bloody chaos, the renegade clockwork alchemist, Lady Arabella Blackwood is up to no good. Can the adventurers find her before she achieves her nefarious aims?

Volume IV: Quintessence to boldy venture where no gentleman has previously ventured. It is the talk of the town in the London coffee houses, how everyones buying shares in the Company of Gentleman Adventurers Trading into the Moon! In the London docks a ship is being built, designed by clockwork genius John Wilkins, a ship that can fly. It will be the first vessel ever to leave the shores of Earth and venture to another world, whatever it brings back, the profits will be enormous. Only the Adventurers, their mission aboard the moon-ship a secret at the highest levels, know that they will not be the first to visit the Moon, their nemesis is ahead of them, and up to no good as usual. As the party face ship-board skullduggery, meet wonders between the worlds and face first contact with an ancient civilisation, the race is on to find the secret of the fifth element, Quintessence!

Quintessence is fantastic. It contains a great, involved storyline, lots of opportunities for different methods of game-play, and you get to play on the moon , Aaron Huss, Roleplayers Chronicle.

Requires the Clockwork and Chivalry Core Rulebook 2nd Edition.