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CB75412 Progenitor by Cubicle Seven Entertainment

CB75412 Progenitor by Cubicle Seven Entertainment

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Cubicle Seven Entertainment
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CB75412 Progenitor by Cubicle Seven Entertainment

In 1967, one woman inexplicably gains inconceivable power. Trying to use that power for the good of her country, she unwittingly passes it on to a handful of people. They pass it along to others in turn, and soon thousands around the world have amazing paranormal powers.

Some of them use these powers for personal gain. Some to help others. And some change the very course of world events.

Progenitor is a Wild Talents roleplaying game setting that explores the shape of the world and the changes wrought by metahumans over the past five decades. It tracks the alternate history of the world in rich detail from the moment the Progenitor, Amanda Sykes, gains her incredible powers, to the year when a single metahuman nearly destroys the Earth, to Sykes strange departure from the global scene. The world is yours to build and explore using the rules in this book.