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BMF008 Gold Aluminum Foil Thin Sheet (1) Bare-Metal Foil

BMF008 Gold Aluminum Foil Thin Sheet (1) Bare-Metal Foil

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Bare Metal Foil
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BMF008 Gold Aluminum Foil 1/2in Thin Sheet (1) Bare-Metal Foil

Perfect for duplicating chrome on model cars, model trucks, and model aircraft. You can use Bare-Metal any place that real metal would add detail to a finished kit. Bare-Metal Foil is a thin metal foil with a self-adhesive backing. Bare-Metal can be applied to painted surfaces or plain plastic. Since Bare-Metal Foil is so thin, it conforms to compound curves.

The Chrome and new Ultra Brite Chrome look great anywhere you need a chrome finish. And the colored foils can be used to simulate surfaces such as black chrome on modern cars, gold on model rockets, matte on aircraft, and copper on building roofs. These are only a few of the areas where Bare-Metal Foil can be used.

Gold Aluminum Foil is packaged in a 6 x 11.75 x .0005 inch sheet.