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BGL0006 Toboggans of Doom Board Game by Bucephalus Games

BGL0006 Toboggans of Doom Board Game by Bucephalus Games

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Bucephalus Games
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BGL0006 Toboggans of Doom Board Game by Bucephalus Games

The feel of the wind on your face, the sight of the finish line just over the next snow bank... and the feeling of elation as you rocket-jump over the evil trees while being chased by a phalanx of chainsaw-wielding snowmen! Compete with your friends in extreme downhill sledding against a hill of crazy, zany, fun obstacles in Toboggans of Doom.

Try to acquire the coolest, most effective upgrades to get through the various obstacles that cover the hill. Can you use gadget legs to get over your ex-girlfriend? Will you power up for orbital re-entry to plow through the Viking Opera? Will the other players laugh as they fly over your broken toboggan - only to fall into a volcanic fissure?

Toboggans of Doom has a unique bidding system where each player uses a collection of dice to bid on different upgrades. Everything two players need to play is included here, and you can easily expand the game to up to six players just by adding additional dice. The game plays simple and fast, with three rounds of building sleds and taking runs down the hill, trying to get as far down the hill as you can.

The game tiles have beautiful non-sequitur art by CCG artist Jason Engle. The game plays out a wacky race in bizarre toboggans reminiscent of Rube Goldberg devices. Toboggans of Doom is quick to learn and the action is rapid. Luck is as big of a factor as skill in finding the right upgrade to go over, around, or through each obstacle as you seek the best path to victory. The random placement of tiles creates a game that changes radically every time you sit down to play. Add to this the frequently changing selection of upgrades, and the possibilities are truly endless.