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PZO9296 Inner Sea Temples Pathfinder Campaign Setting

PZO9296 Inner Sea Temples Pathfinder Campaign Setting

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PZO9296 Inner Sea Temples Pathfinder Campaign Setting Role Playing Supplement Paizo

Houses of the Holy

Nearly every settlement in the Inner Sea has at least one temple, ranging from the modest shrines of remote hamlets to massive cathedrals in metropolises. Temples can act as centers of commerce, community, healing, and sacrifice for adventurers and common folk alike.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Temples helps Game Masters and players explore six of the Inner Sea regions most iconic seats of faith. Each entry comes complete with a detailed map and gazetteer; profiles of the temples notable members; a history of the structure and the organization of its clergy; and a wealth of magic items, occult rituals, and spells favored by the resident priests.

This book contains details on the following temples:
The Cathedral of Exquisite Agony, a dark temple to Zon-Kuthon in Nidal.
Caydens Hall, a combination church and tavern in the heart of Absalom sacred to the Drunken Hero.
The First Colonial Bank of Sargava, a bank-temple of Abadar in the city of Kalabuto.
The High Temple of Pharasma, a prestigious temple in Osirion dedicated to the Lady of Graves.
The House of Dawns Redemption, a grand cathedral to Sarenrae in Taldor.
Imvrildara, an ancient shrine to Calistria hidden deep within the forests of Kyonin.

Inner Sea Temples is intended for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Pathfinder Campaign Setting, but can easily adapted to any fantasy world.