Product Status Explanation

Product Status

Available – Available means the product is available either in our store or from one of our extensive resources of distributors.

Preorder – The manufacturer of this item has stated this item is new and will be released within the next few months. Sometimes you will see a release date that accompanies this status. Again this is the date that the manufacturer has set for the release of this product and may not be completely accurate.

Out of stock - Available for Pre-order.
This product is out of stock in our warehouses and with the manufacturer, but we have been told that it will be back in stock soon. You can preorder this to make sure you get it as soon as it becomes available again.

Out of Stock - This item is discontinued and cannot be ordered.
This item is out of stock and has been discontinued from the manufacturer. It is not available for order and the manufacture is not producing it any longer.

Special Order
Special order items are items that have been identified by us and the distributors as a non stocked item. It is available for order but does not have a definite time table for delivery.

Low Stock – This item has limited quantities available
This item stock is low between us and the distributors but is a normally stocked item. If we do not have enough of this item to fill your order it will be placed into pre-order status.

Low Stock - Discontinued – This item will be discontinued when sold out
This item stock is low between us and the distributors and has been discontinued by the manufacturer. When the stock is depleted the item will be removed from the website. If we cannot fill your order we will cancel and refund the difference.

Out of Stock
This item is currently out of stock and we do not know at this time if the manufacturer is still producing this item. As soon as we get a definitive answer from the manufacturer, we will change the status appropriately.

On all status orders, unless you select Pre Order Only, your credit card is charged as soon as you place the order. For preorders, Out of Stock, and Special Orders; when you place your order you lock in the price at the time of order. As with most manufactures when a product is produced on an additional run the price is usually increased.