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NKP001 ApocalypZe Card Game

NKP001 ApocalypZe Card Game

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9 Kingdoms Publications
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NKP001 ApocalypZe Card Game

Players: 2 to 6
Playing Time: 40 minutes
Ages: 14 and up

ApocalypZe is a game for 2 or more players. The game is all about surviving during the zombie apocalypse. Your deck of cards represents your supplies and resources during these trying times. During the game, you will consume these resources and do your best to replenish them while trying to force your opponent to waste through his own. Once you run out of supplies, you no longer have the capacity to survive and are out of the game.

Throughout the course of the game, you be able to defend your stronghold and scavenge for resources with survivors, and attack your opponents stronghold and scavenging locations with zombies and other raiders. A number of types of cards that both enhance your characters and affect the game in various ways can be played throughout the course of your turn. As your deck dwindles, you will have to make some hard choices to insure that you will outlast your opponent and survive the ApocalypZe.