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BPHA2212-13 Brushless Outrunner Motor

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BPHA2212-13 Brushless Outrunner Motor

No. of Cells: 2 - 3 Li-Poly
Kv: 1000 RPM/V
Max Efficiency: 80 percent
Max Efficiency Current: 4 - 10A
No Load Current: 0.5A at 10V
Resistance: 0.090 ohms
Max Current: 15A for 60S
Max Watts: 167W for 60S
Weight: 47 g / 1.65 oz.
Size: 27.5 mm x 30 mm
Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm (3.2mm)
Comes with prop-adapter, x-mount, x-mount screws, male bullet connectors installed on motor and a set of 3 female bullet connectors with shrink wrap.

An small yet powerful motor for planes up to 800 grams (28 oz) using 3 li-poly cells. We suggest propping for around 140 watts continuous power with short bursts up to 180 watts. An excellent higher-powered replacement for geared Speed 400-480 motors in slow-flying or 3D planes that require a larger 10 in propeller. Use on sailplanes up to 28 oz, trainers up to 25 oz, aerobatic aircraft up to 18 oz and 3D airplanes up to 15 oz. Recommended prop is 10 x 5 on 3 li-poly cells.

The motor features a 3.2mm hardened steel shaft, dual ball bearings, and has 3.5mm gold spring male connectors already attached and includes 3 female connectors for your speed control. Also includes collet type prop adapter and radial motor mount. Mounting holes have 16mm and 19mm spacing on centers and are tapped for 3mm (M3) screws.

Please note a change to the shaft design! This motor now comes with a longer (45mm) shaft. The shaft has a notch near the end. This is so the motor can be used in ducted fan and helicopter applications. If you use the enclosed collet type prop adapter, you need to cut the shaft at the point just past the notch on the shaft. This notch will interfere with a collet type adapter and the prop will wobble.

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