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Electric RC Boats

$95.94 $68.12
*** Available ***, Usually Ships In 1-3 Days, AZ Imports
AZIB18 Balaenoptera Musculus RC 23 Inch RTR Electric Racing Boat Make a splash with this RC Electric Racing Boat! Take this high powered watercraft on to...
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$66.99 $47.56
*** Available ***, Usually Ships In 1-3 Days, AZ Imports
AZIB77 RC RTR 20 Inch Destroyer RC Electric Warship This is a 19.5 Inch (49.5cm) Remote Controlled warship boat. This is a realistic looking showcase...
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$113.85 $80.83
*** Out of Stock ***, Unknown Restock Time., AZ Imports
AZIB79 31 Inch RTR Naval Destroyer Remote Control Electric Battleship The Naval Destroyer is one of the most deadliest machines in the US and Russian...
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Out of Stock. Check product features for possible restock time.

$879.99 $545.59
*** Low Stock - Discontinued When Sold Out: ***, Call for Quantity and Availability, Kyosho RC Models
KYO40232SB EP Jetstream 888 VE Brushless Electric Ready To Run Speedboat Kyosho This is a EP Jetstream 888 VE Speed Boat. Pre-colored FRP factory assembled...
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