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ASMPROS01 Prosperity Board Game Asmodee Editions

ASMPROS01 Prosperity Board Game Asmodee Editions

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Asmodee Editions
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ASMPROS01 Prosperity Board Game Asmodee Editions

Manage a country on the rise as it discovers new technologies, builds new roads, invests its capital and balances its needs against its environmental impact. Balance the needs of your nation against the cost of progress, and lead your country to an age of prosperity.

Prosperity requires players to strike a balance- increase your energy or control your pollution, spend extravagantly or advance cautiously. You will have to build roads across your nation, research new technologies, build income and manage expenditures. In the end, victory depends on making the best progress while still maintaining a clean nation.

1 technology board (with score track), 60 tiles, 4 double-sided country maps, 60 environment chips, 20 markers(in 4 colors), 28 banknotes (4x50, 20x10, 4x500) and a rule book.

- Simulates the management of a nation
- No luck - events affect all players equally
- Limited actions and difficult decisions
- Co-signed by renowned game designer Reiner Knizia