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VPG02005 Ghosts Of The Grid Reboot Board Game Victory Point

VPG02005 Ghosts Of The Grid Reboot Board Game Victory Point

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VPG02005 Ghosts Of The Grid Reboot Board Game Victory Point

He could feel the sweat beading on his forehead under his iCap in spite of the cool sixty-five degrees of his working space. He had nearly been Assimilated. He would not have been harmed physically, of least not that he knew. There were rumors of hackers and ghost-runners being brain-fried by next-gen FEDS, but they were just Net legends. There were safeguards built into his iCap to prevent dangerous feedback from reaching his brain, even if there were new, predatory forms of Firewall Enhancement Defense Software. It was not the FEDS that had nearly gotten him, but attack programs set off by a rival Ghost, after the same data he was... – Fiction by David Spangler

Ghosts in the Grid Rebooted, by designer Wm David Rigdon, is a two- to four-player card game where each is a computer hacker (represented by their Ghost Agent marker) out to retrieve the Data. By creating the gameboard (Grid) with all unique tiles, the Grid changes each time you play! Players play cards to improve their own Ghost powers, infect their opponents with Virus cards, and fix their own computers infections with Fix cards. The goal is to move your Ghost Agent through the Grid to gather the Data and escape with a clean (uninfected) copy of it.

If you have too many Virus cards on your Ghost Command Row at once, you will be Assimilated and will have to start over again! If all players are Assimilated simultaneously, the Grid wins and the Data is safe.

Do you think you have what it takes? Prepare yourself with Ghosts in the Grid Rebooted!
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