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KYO10065B Edge 540 ARF EP Sports Plane by Kyosho RC Models

KYO10065B Edge 540 ARF EP Sports Plane Kyosho RC Models

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KYO10065B Edge 540 ARF EP Sports Plane Kyosho RC Models

For the world of aerobatic/3D planes, Kyosho has produced a phenomenal 50 size EDGE 540 specifically designed for electric power! The left and right halves of the main wing are attached to the fuselage with a light hollow tube so the fuselage does not need to be cut.

Swept trailing edge of main and tail wings follows the design of the original and recreates its airborne agility.
Design allows the motor to be screwed on to the included motor mount. Attach the pre-painted FRP cowling that reproduces the realistic form of the original.
Battery can be simply installed while the airplane is sitting on the runway.
Enjoy the comfortable flight of an electric motor with the power to produce real acro performance.
Pre-assembled balsa structure is expertly covered in film. Only a short time needed to get airborne.
Fast and easy battery changes made possible with canopy unit that can be attached / detached with just two screws.
Left/right halves of main wing are joined inside minimizing cuts in the fuselage.
Achieves the control advantages of the original EDGE 540 from the swept trailing edge for excellent stall characteristics.
Stringers down to the back of the fuselage are covered in film for a lightweight fuselage structure.
Pre-painted FRP cowl, wheel pants and hard aluminum rear swept main landing gear
Wire linkages (included) used for rudder control
Newly designed structure allows the tension of the rubber belt that secures the main wing halves inside the fuselage to be adjusted by simply removing the cockpit.
Main wing halves minimize openings in the fuselage and combine with the pre-covered stringers to the rear fuselage for a highly rigid and resilient structure.

ARF Includes:
Motor mount
Battery catch
Divided Main Gear
Moving Tail Gear (with shock absorbing function)Decals
Linkage Parts - including wire linkages for rudder

Required For Operation:
R/C System: 4-ch, 4-servo R/C system for airplanes
ESC for brushless motor
600-800W brushless motor
18.5V-4000 to 5300mAh Lithium polymer battery
D12 to P6 Propeller for EP
Propeller adapter
57mm Spinner
Battery charger
Motor, ESC and Battery Connectors
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