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DSM7441 Hooded Assassin Miniature Visions In Fantasy Dark Sword

DSM7441 Hooded Assassin Miniature Visions In Fantasy Dark Sword

*** Available ***, Usually Ships In 1-3 Days, 28mm, Dark Sword Miniatures
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DSM7441 Hooded Assassin Miniature Visions In Fantasy Dark Sword Miniatures

Assassinations were primarily carried out with a dagger, which was sometimes tipped with poison. Due to being immensely outnumbered in enemy territory, the assassins tended to specialize in covert operations. Assassin would often assimilate themselves in the towns and regions of their targets and, over time, stealthily insert themselves into strategic positions. They did not always kill their targets, however, preferring at times to try to threaten an enemy into submission. This could sometimes be accomplished with a dagger and a threatening note placed on an enemys pillow. The assassin group was indeed feared enough so that these threats were taken seriously.

This figure comes with two long daggers, wielding them ready to strike out at an enemy.

All miniatures come unpainted and may require minor assembly. The painted miniature examples are for inspiration only.

- Dark Sword Miniatures are 28mm Heroic Gaming Scale
- Premium Metal Fantasy Miniatures
- Crafted in lead-free pewter.
- This miniature does not include base.

Please Note: Dark Sword Miniatures are made of soft metal that may bend in the packaging or during shipment. This is normal and is easily corrected by bending the item back into place. Many miniatures must also be glued together such as certain limbs and weapons. Neither of these conditions constitutes a defect.
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