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BMF119 White Inkjet Decal Sheet Single Pack Bare Metal Foil

BMF119 White Inkjet Decal Single Sheet Bare Metal Foil

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BMF119 White Inkjet Decal Single Sheet Bare Metal Foil

Now you can quickly and easily create your own custom decals. Experts Choice Decal Film is available in both clear and white with one and three sheet packs. With this Experts-Choice plain decal film you can use your own color ink jet printer to make home made decals. You can also use a color photo copier to reproduce any decal of your choice. This material allows you to use existing artwork from books, magazines, computer clip art, or your own original art to create any decal. The standard 8 1/2 X 11 sheets work perfectly with any copier or inkjet printer. Package contains one sheet if white decal paper.
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