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ASN0025 Heat Party Card Game Asmadi Games

ASN0025 Heat Party Card Game Asmadi Games

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ASN0025 Heat Party Card Game Asmadi Games

Get in, get out, and take the cash home.

Heat is a quick 3-5 player heist game, where your goal is to steal more things than your fellow entrepreneurs, and at the same time avoid drawing too much heat from the authorities.

Before every heist you'll draft cards to form your plan, and then execute it. Outmaneuver your opponents, and you will be well on your way to a suitcase full of cash!

Heat is a micro-ish card game that plays out over three rounds. Every round, there is a drafting phase where your hand evolves by passing cards to your neighbor and drawing new cards. Then you select which cards from the hand you draft to play, attempting to out-guess the other players while scoring the highest yourself and carefully managing the amount of Heat you have, lest the police come down on you at the end.

Players: 3 to 5
Playing time: 20 to 30 minutes
Ages: 13 and up
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