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ASMQ010122 Cubo Dice Game Asmodee

ASMQ010122 Cubo Dice Game Asmodee

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ASMQ010122 Cubo Dice Game Asmodee

Fast hands and fast thinking help players score big points in Cubo. Played over six rounds, players roll nine dice and come up with combinations of straights and triples. The twist? Everyone is rolling at the same time!
Combinations of the same color score double points, but decide quick to keep dice or re-roll everything.

18 blue dice
18 red dice
4 white dice
4 cover tiles
6 game round counters
1 game round board
1 scoring board
91 scoring chips
1 bag
1 rulebook.

Fast, frantic action!
Find combinations to outscore your opponents!
Simple rules, quick game play, hours of fun!
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*** Available ***
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