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APO0200 Shadow Nations RPR Hard Cover Apophis Consortium

APO0200 Shadow Nations RPG Hard Cover Apophis Consortium

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APO0200 Shadow Nations RPG Hard Cover Apophis Consortium

The world has eneded. Humanity continues in its death throes. Pockets of civilization fight to regain control taking land and power away from daemons and nightmares. It is the year 2299 Europe. Gods chosen soldiers fight to loosen Hells grip, battling cultist minions and daemonic half-breeds. Both ancient and the naïve struggle in the battle to control the Earth plane. The Roman Army and the Vatican have joined forces to gain command over the European nations. Unfortunately, corruption spreads deep and the other nations pledge allegiance only to themselves. The time has come. The battles anticipated. The Shadow Nations prepare for the final apocalypse.

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