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SPM210501 Super Dungeon Explore Forgotten King Board Game Soda Pop Miniatures

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SPM210501 Super Dungeon Explore Forgotten King Board Game Soda Pop Miniatures

Super Dungeon Explore brings video game style dungeon hack-and slash adventures to your tabletop as only Soda Pop Miniatures can! Play as an adventuring party of Heroes or as the dungeons Dark Consul. Gather powerful loot to customize your Heroes and defeat the dungeon boss, or send your horde of minions to their doom so your mightiest monsters can strike the final blow.

Forgotten King is the new edition of everyones favorite chibi dungeon adventure game. Featuring revised rules and two gameplay modes to suit your players favorite style of play, Super Dungeon Explore is faster and more exciting than ever! Easy to learn, yet full of tactical depth to keep you coming back game after game, Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King brings 8-Bit adventure to veterans and beginners alike.

2-6 players
Ages 14+
90-120 minute play time

52 Pre-Assembled Plastic Models:
5 Unique Heroes
6 Unique Pets
3 Unique Boss Monsters
33 Minion Monsters
5 Treasure Chests
32-page, Full Color, Classic Mode Rulebook
32-page, Full Color, Arcade Mode Rulebook
16-page, Full Color, Explorers Handbook
6 Fully Illustrated, Double-Sided, Dungeon Tiles
150+ Full Color Game Cards
150+ Full Color Tokens
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