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Testor Pactra Paint

Testors Pactra Racing Finish Paints

Americas best-selling R/C hobby paint. Pactra is world renown in the R/C (radio control) hobby category.

- Durable, flexible finish that can stand up to the extreme demands of R/C racing.
- Fuel resistant.
- Excellent coverage.
- Adheres to Lexan.

R/C Car Lacquers
- Specially formulated to be applied to the inside of popular Lexan (polycarbonate) R/C car bodies.
- Excellent durability on a variety of R/C bodies
- Broad selection of gorgeous colors in 2/3 oz. bottles and 3 oz. sprays.
- Full line contains 30-2/3 oz. bottled paint and 35-3 oz. spray paints.
- Excellent availability and matchless shelf life.
- For both experienced and novice R/C enthusiast.