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MACNSN0586 .5 X .125 Rare Earth Ring Magnets 12 Count by Magcraft

MACNSN0586 Rare Earth Ring Magnets .5 x .125in x .150 Countersunk Hole

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MACNSN0586 Rare Earth Ring Magnets .5 od X .125in Thick x .150 Countersunk Hole (12.7 x 3.175 x 3.81mm)12 Count by Magcraft

Material: Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB)
12 Each

IMPORTANT: Rare-Earth magnets are fragile and can break easily. Broken magnets are sharp and can cause cuts. These magnets will become demagnetized when exposed to high heat. These magnets are powerful and can accelerate at high speeds toward each other and toward ferrous material. When these magnets come together quickly, they can shatter and break sending particles at speed. These magnets can also pinch strongly if allowed to come together against the skin. You should always wear gloves and eye protection when handling large magnets. Very large magnets can pose a crushing hazard and should not be handled.
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