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ZON35-200 Zona Razor Saw, Ultra Thin Kerf

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ZON35-200 Zona Razor Saw, Ultra Thin Kerf

This Ultra Thin Kerf Saw, along with Zona 35-050 and 35-150, is the thinnest razor saw available. The blade is only .008 in thick - ideal for making super fine cuts in wood, soft metals and plastic without causing splitting or ragged edges. Ultra thin razor saws also have shorter cutting depths with steel backs for added blade stability. This saw cuts on the pull stroke.

Blade Specifications:
TPI: 32
Kerf: .008 in
Blade Length: 4-1/2 in
Cutting Depth: 7/16 in
Available Status :
*** Available ***
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Usually Ships In 1-3 Days
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