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FLX123 Combo Flexible File Set FlexiFile

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FLX123 Combo Flexible File Set FlexiFile

For dry or wet sanding
Flex-I-Files Abrasive Tapes are made on Mylar Polyester backing making them flexible and durable.
Tapes readily adapt to surface structures and follow inside and outside contours.
Tapes also have the ability to thread through small openings, perfect for those hard to reach work areas.
Unlike Needle files, Flex-I-File automatically follows compound curves, contour changes, and fillets without leaving scratches or flat spots.

This Starter Set is exactly what you need to get going on your hobby project!
Contents: 1 Anodized Aluminum Frame and 17 Assorted Abrasive Refill
black is 150 grit
orange is 280 grit
gray is 320 grit
beige is 400 grit
red is 600 grit
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Usually Ships In 1-3 Days
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