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CAT26302 Ghost Cartels - Shadowrun RPG Sourcebook

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CAT26302 Ghost Cartels - Shadowrun RPG Sourcebook by Catalyst Game Labs

Introduces a new 2071 Sixth World storyline and campaign framework spotlighting the strange new drug called tempo.

Features a new campaign format that combines fiction and story elements with easy-to-use Adventure Frameworks, and numerous useful gamemaster aids (including maps, grunt stats, location and character profiles, and full Casts of Shadows).

Can be equally used as a source for dozens of oneoff adventures or as a single campaign devised to whisk characters from the back alleys of Seattle to the Awakened jungles of Amazonia.

Designed to exploit all the potential of the core settings presented in Runner Havens and Corporate Enclaves and maximize potential cross-sales with all core rulebooks as well.
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