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4WF100 Strategists and Tacticians Pathfinder Supplement 4 Winds Fantasy

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4WF100 Strategists and Tacticians Pathfinder Supplement 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming

No adventurer can be prepared for every challenge they might face. The clever ones just know how to face the challenges they can not prepare for. These farsighted strategists and cunning tacticians calculate their odds as they swing their swords and loose their spells. They base decisions on the likelihood of events, aiming to be ready for the inevitable, able to deal with the unlikely, and ready with a back-up plan for the impossible.

Strategists and Tacticians can make any character more versatile with variant class features for all the core classes, a dozen new prestige classes, spells for a variety of spellcasters, and over fifty feats that unlock new abilities and improve existing ones. New combat maneuvers allow you to throat hostages, sever limbs, choke your enemies, or take advantage of a free off-hand. Give characters a multiclass flavor from 1st level with the Apprentice, a special new one-level base class. All this and more in The Definitive Guide to Clever Warriors.
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