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CB71104 Defending the Earth The UNIT Doctor Who RPG Sourcebook

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CB71104 Defending the Earth The UNIT Doctor Who RPG Sourcebook by Cubicle Seven Entertainment

Front and centre, soldier. You are part of UNIT now, the Unified Intelligence Taskforce. We are the Earths best defence against the myriad alien forces who would try to subjugate and conquer our planet. Try they might, but they will meet UNIT - a global military force tasked with protecting the planet and researching the alien threat.
It is not an easy job, and even those recruited for their scientific knowledge can find themselves on the front lines of combat against an almost unstoppable foe. It is dangerous, violent and not everyone will survive, but for the good of the planet we will do everything in our power to protect humanity from extraterrestrial terrors.
Defending the Earth is an expansion set for the Doctor Who - Adventures in Time and Space roleplaying game.
Within this box you will find - 60 page rulebook detailing the history of UNIT, along with additional information for creating UNIT characters, including new Traits and Areas of Expertise, as well as expanded firearms and combat rules, including mass combat and skirmish rules. 32 page Adventure book, featuring a whole new ready-to-play adventure and many ideas for additional stories. Character sheets for major UNIT personnel, including the legendary Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and morea

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