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FFGDW06 Achilus Assault Deathwatch RPG Fantasy Flight Games

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FFGDW06 Achilus Assault Deathwatch RPG Fantasy Flight Games

The Achilus Assault is a sourcebook for Deathwatch, and it includes descriptions of the fires of war raging in the Jericho Reach, from the numberless tides of the Tyranids in Hive Fleet Dagon to the hellish legions of Chaos pouring forth from the Hadex Anomaly and the expansionist aggression of the Tau Empire. The threats presented in this tome provide Game Masters with a surfeit of antagonists and mysteries to confront a Deathwatch Kill-team.

With this thorough resource, players can learn about the Jericho Reachs most significant warzones and plan new Deathwatch missions of vital importance to the Crusade. Learn about the major threats to the Crusades advance, including foes that can be reasoned with and those that must be annihilated. With new NPCs, adventure seeds, and player options, The Achilus Assault brings your campaign to the front lines.
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